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A New Venture

In early 2012 we started with an idea, that idea was to educate our own children to know and uderstand where the food they eat comes from. But little did we know that this would quickly grow into something bigger.

Later in 2012, we started our journey into mainstream education offering to show a small amount of animals to children in both nurseries and infants schools.

In 2014 we began to offer the same experience to secondary school education with a growing variety of animals.

In early 2016 we partnered with Sawtry Academy, a small in-school provision for students who struggle with mainstream education to offer a Animal Relaxation Experience and an ASDAN Animal Care qualification to children aged 11-16yrs.

Futhermore in 2016, we also partnered with The Beehive to provide the education provision for the Animal Care Course for students unable to complete mainstream education. The students have a wide range of special requirements and we are really enjoying teaching them and seeing their progress both academically and personally.

So this leads us to the position we are in now and we are happy to announce that as of now, 'Homegrown Care Farm' is a new not for profit CIC company with our aim to incorporate all SEN eductional and therapy experiences at a new setting allowing an on site education provision. Our aim is to allow vulnerable people the ability to learn new skills and gain experince in animal care, horticulture, healthy living, independce and much more.

Please follow our journey by liking this page and keep check on what happens next.

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